UK flexibility platform provider raises £18.6m

Origami Energy uses smart technology that allows utilities, traders, network operators and consumers remotely monitor and control different assets in real-time

Portugal generates record renewable energy

Green energy generation accounted for 103.6% of consumption in March – a value said to be unmatched in the last 40 years

Gravity-battery firm teams up with subsea specialist

Gravitricity plans to develop a 250kW concept demonstrator and test it early next year

‘China’s harmful greenhouse gases could be trapped underground’

Geoscientists say three depleted oil fields could provide decades of secure gas storage

Researchers charge up battery performance

US scientists have found out the capacity and lifespan of lithium batteries can be improved by adjusting the ratio of metals they are made from

Nissan finishes UK battery plant

Nissan and a number of project partners have completed the development of a new battery manufacturing process in Sunderland. The plant will now begin production of high density 40kWh battery cells for both electric vehicle and stationary energy storage systems. The High Energy Density Battery (HEDB) project, which also features Zero Carbon Futures, Hyperdrive Innovation […]

Battery facility charges up in Italy

Italian gas and power provider Enel has signed an agreement with a German wind energy company and a Swiss energy storage solutions firm to build and manage a 22MW battery storage plant. In collaboration with ENERTRAG AG and Leclanché SA, it will build the facility in the German state of Brandenburg at a cost of around […]

Solar technology hots up with new storage tech

A thermal energy storage solution said to be 95% cheaper than standard panels linked to lithium-ion batteries has been launched. The project from United Sun Systems and the DoE’s Savannah River National Laboratory uses a 14-metre diameter parabolic dish covered with mirrors to focus the solar rays, creating temperatures of 750°C. The technology uses metal-hydride […]

Energy storage mines new ground with kinetic battery

A company developing gravity-based methods of storing energy in disused mine shafts has secured £650,000 from Innovate UK. Edinburgh-based Gravitricity’s technology uses excess power to lift and suspend a massive weight of up to 2,000 tonnes, using a series of cables and winches. When energy is needed, the weight can be released in less than a […]

Battery partnership plans 41MW site in Midlands

A new partnership aims to build one of the world’s largest battery storage facilities in the UK. Energy infrastructure firm General Electric (GE) has won a contract from storage developer Arenko to deliver a 41MW battery system capable of supplying on-demand power to approximately 100,000 UK homes. The companies expect it to help reduce energy bills […]