What’s the secret to cutting water costs by 28%?

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Big Zero Report 2022

Water pipes

What’s the secret to cutting water costs by 28%?

A new report from provider of water flow solutions provider TALIS suggests water companies across the world could increase cost and energy efficiencies by coating the inside of their pipe networks with impervious, inert and strong enamel.

It claims this would help ensure water purity, prevent contamination, reduce wear and tear and cut energy consumption.

The company calls for water companies around the world to follow the lead of those in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which collectively represent 67% of the world’s market for enamel coated components.

Herve Dumont, Product Strategy Director at Talis, said: “These countries rely heavily on enamelling and other specialist coatings to increase the durability, cost efficiency and quality of their water networks, as well as ensuring the purity of their drinking water.

“As a result, these water companies are gaining a number of significant advantages – not least of which is one-tenth of the failure rate within crucial components.”

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