Guest Blog: Haydn Young – Calling energy professionals to speak out!

Invest your time and have your say today on energy efficiency and electric vehicles

It is more powerful to speak out than silently resent (coach freedom).

The UK’s shift to a low carbon economy is one of the greatest challenges and opportunities since the industrial revolution. Making this transition is no mean feat. Shifting away from fossil fuel energy generation, driving greater energy efficiency in our homes and businesses and moving away from the combustion engine in transport require a clear strategy alongside collaboration between the government, businesses and householders.

In my role as chair of The Energy Clubs, Retail Energy Forum and University Energy Forum, I regularly witness a wealth of expertise, enthusiasm and creativity in the energy and sustainability sector.

In today’s blog, I encourage energy professionals, as I do within my offline networks, to speak out and have your say supporting the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in its current consultation and call for evidence requests.

Speak out!

The government is currently seeking input on two key themes:

  1. Energy Efficiency – Call for Evidence: The government is inviting views on the market barriers to greater energy efficiency. Our renewable/low carbon generation mix will grow faster if we continue the drive down energy wastage. The government believes 40TWh of energy efficiency potential in commercial and industrial buildings as well as 10TWh of potential in industrial processes remains untapped and it is keen to see what can be done to boost uptake.
    Make your voice heard here: The deadline is 25th September.
  2. Electric Vehicles – Consultation: In 2018, the government set out its plans for Road to Zero and in the consultation, it set out what it proposes to deliver. This consultation proposes regulatory changes which will result in thousands of more charge points across the UK, in homes and at key destinations such as new office blocks and supermarkets.
    Make your voice heard here: The deadline is 7th October.

Moving to a low carbon economy is not about us and them, it is for all of us. Resenting new legislation is a waste of ‘energy’.

Invest your time and have your say today.

Haydn Young is an independent energy management expert and founder of  The Energy Club.

If you are an energy end user you can register to attend a club for free.

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