BMW to supply retired EV batteries to build mobile charging stations

Old BMW and MINI EV batteries will have a second life being used in systems with a capacity of up to 180kWh

BMW Group UK has launched an initiative to supply retired electric vehicle (EV) batteries to be used in the development of mobile power units that would provide charging for other vehicles.

The German vehicle manufacturer will supply the British energy storage company Off Grid Energy with old battery modules from electric BMW and MINI models.

After eight years of use, or 100,000 miles, EV batteries from BMW and MINI could retain up to 80% of their initial capacity.

Off Grid Energy has developed its first prototype mobile charging station, which is powered by lithium-ion battery modules extracted from a MINI electric development vehicle and has a 40kWh capacity delivering a 7.2kW fast charge.

The company says as more battery modules become available, systems will be built with a capacity of up to 180kWh and able to provide multiple charges at rates of up to 50kW.

Graeme Grieve, Chief Executive Officer of BMW Group UK, said: “We are delighted to work with Off Grid Energy to find a sustainable way of continuing to use these valuable batteries, even after they have put in many years of service in our electrified cars.”

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