Electric Mini-madness to hit China

BMW has signed a deal with a Chinese manufacturer to develop some of its electric Minis in the Asian nation. The electric vehicles (EVs) will also be made in Oxford, which is where the majority of the cars are currently put together. Cars built under the deal with the Great Wall Motor company will be […]

BMW hits target to sell 100k EVs in 2017

BMW has hit its global target to sell 100,000 electric cars in 2017. This is up more than 60% from the 62,255 electric vehicles (EVs) the car manufacturer sold last year. To celebrate this milestone, the company’s headquarters in Munich has been illuminated to look like four upright-standing batteries. During the illumination, the company’s 100,000th […]

BMW advert banned after ‘misleading’ clean claims

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a BMW advert for misleading claims about the zero emissions credentials of one of its cars. A paid-for Facebook post regarding the manufacturer’s i3 model featured a customer testimonial, which stated: “Having driven petrol guzzling cars before, I realised that it is now time to switch to an […]

BMW’s electric Minis to be made in the UK

A fully electric version of the Mini will have its drivetrain made in Germany, with the rest of the car being built in Oxford, UK. That’s according to the BMW Group, which says the electric vehicle (EV) will take the form of its popular Mini three-door hatchback and will go into full production in 2019. By 2025, […]

BMW in Big MegaWatts battery deal with Vattenfall

Vattenfall is to buy batteries from BMW and use them in its energy storage projects. The Swedish energy firm and German car manufacturer have signed a contract for the delivery of up to 1,000 lithium-ion batteries this year from BMW’s factory in Dingolfing. Each one has a capacity of 33kWh and is equipped with a state-of-the-art management system […]

BMW ‘considers making electric Mini outside UK due to Brexit’

BMW is reportedly considering manufacturing its electric Mini outside the UK due to the uncertainty caused by Brexit. According to reports, the carmaker, which manufactures most Minis at its plant in Oxford, could be moving production of the electric version to its sites in Germany. The company announced the launch of the battery-powered Mini last […]

Car manufacturers join forces for ultra-fast EV charge network

BMW Group, Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen are some of the car firms that have teamed up to accelerate the deployment of a charging network for electric vehicles (EVs). Porsche, Audi and Daimler AG are also part of project that will cover long-distance travel routes in Europe. They aim to roll out around 400 charging stations across […]

BMW to enter home energy storage market

BMW has announced plans to enter the domestic energy storage market. The German automotive giant will work with Beck Automation to use new or second life BMW i3 battery packs, which will have a 22 kWh or 33kWh capacity. That’s enough to operate a variety of appliances and entertainment devices for up to 24 hours […]

Autonomous features in EVs ‘can save up to $1,800′

Autonomous features in electric vehicles (EV) could help save up to $1,800 (£1,152) in battery costs. That’s according to research which stated some of those technologies include self-parking or wireless charging. They could also make EVs more affordable and boost efficiency by around 10%, the report added. An additional $2.5 billion (£1.6bn) market for batteries could be created by […]

BMW’s new street lights power up EVs

BMW has unveiled a street lighting system equipped with sockets that could keep electric vehicles topped up. The ‘Light and Charge’ prototype system combines LED street lights with charging points for EVs and is expected to be rolled out as part of a pilot project in Munich, Germany next year. The luxury car manufacturer said […]