The last hurrah, or a tighter winter?

Gas prices remain disruptive in commodity markets. Is this the last hurrah, or will we have a tighter winter for energy?

The Big Zero report

In this episode of the Resonance podcast, you will learn:

  • Oil prices remain rangebound, but what do demand forecasts for next year tell us?
  • With LNG stocks low, what does that mean for short term gas prices?
  • Are producers setting the price and when will imports into Europe come?
  • Is the power market broken?
  • There is value in the market looking forward, but where should I look?
  • Is generation coming back from maintenance and what does this mean for winter prices?
  • We need more gas, storage technology and a more resilient baseload to support use of more intermittent power generation, but at what cost to consumers?

For the details of the discussion, listen to the podcast episode.

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