Why has the UK delayed the decision to cut off Russia from oil insurance market?

The UK has reportedly not introduced restrictions that could have Russia shut off from the oil cargo insurance market

Oil prices ‘could reach “stratospheric” $380 a barrel if Russia cuts supplies further’

Russia could reduce exports in response to the proposed price cap on oil

G7 look to hit Russia with oil price cap

The nations are hopeful this will prevent further financing of the war in Ukraine

World Bank warns: “Energy shocks from war in Ukraine could last for three years”

The world faces the highest energy prices since the 1970s, according to the world’s largest creditor institution

Boris Johnson calls for step-by-step end to reliance on Russian gas

A new energy supply strategy is set to be unveiled by the government in the coming days

Russia threatens to halt West’s gas supplies through Nord Stream 1 pipeline

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak also warned countries could face oil prices of more than $300 per barrel as a result of the country’s actions

US awards 13.4m barrels of crude oil from emergency stockpile

Over the last two months, the Biden Administration has approved the release of 40m barrels of crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to address the high oil prices

Surge in oil prices ‘could spark investment in fossil fuel projects’

Mike Coffin, Head of Oil and Gas at Carbon Tracker spoke to ELN about the reasons companies need to resist the temptation to invest heavily in short term price signals

“Fuel retailers will lose credibility if they will not cut petrol prices this week”

The RAC claims the biggest retailers are still collecting bigger profits on every litre they sell than they traditionally do

Not accurate to blame renewables for high energy prices, IEA says

Fatih Birol said not enough oil and gas supply was reaching consumers