Online tool launched to boost renewables in commercial real estate

arbnco’s new tool will assess a variety of clean energy sources to see which is best suited to a specific site

US coal consumption hits 25-year lows

This was 36% lower than in 2008, when US coal production peaked

Giant wind farm to save US energy users $1.4bn in next 20 years

The 800MW Vineyard Wind project is expected to enter operation in 2021

Government launches consultation on small-scale, low carbon power generation

It seeks to identify the challenges and opportunities associated with technologies and projects in this area

UK hits milestone of 1,000 coal-free hours

In 2012, coal supplied around 40% of the country’s electricity – this year it has provided less than 6%

Industrialising wind turbine tech ‘could cut installation costs by 40%’

A wind energy consortium aims to make suction-bucket technology more widespread

Sunny skies see solar surge across UK

For around an hour on Saturday, solar was the UK’s main source of electricity, with a share of more than 27%

Young people ‘don’t think adults are doing enough on climate change’

Around 80% would also like renewables to be the largest component in the future electricity mix

UK’s renewable generation hit quarterly record of 30.1% at start of 2018

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said this was mostly due to increased capacity and higher wind speeds

UK signs £200m sector deal to boost nuclear industry

Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark said the move would drive down energy costs, reduce emissions and improve resilience