IEA: Global gas supply to remain tight in 2023

Global LNG supply may increase by only 4% in 2023, which won’t be enough to make up for the predicted decline in Russian pipeline gas deliveries to Europe, according to the IEA

Gas cuts to continue as winter looms: Commission urges early prep

The EU has proposed extending emergency legislation to reduce gas demand by 15% for another 12 months

‘Ukraine War will lead to huge growth in the LNG market’

Annual average growth of supply is predicted to sit at 5.3% for the next seven years

UK renewables ‘takes electricity generation top spot’

Wind, hydro and solar generated 34TWh of electricity since 1st October, according to a report

‘EU gas emissions hit highest level in four years’

The US exported the most LNG to the continent in 2022

EU investigates Lithuanian measure to support operation of LNG terminal

It will assess whether the compensation granted to Litgas for supplying a mandatory quantity of LNG to the terminal in Klaipėda between 2016 and 2018 is in line with state aid rules

First liquefied natural gas exported from Mozambique

British energy giant bp is buying 100% of the output from the Coral Sul Floating LNG facility

Europe faces gas shortage next winter, says EU chief

Ursula von der Leyen has said European countries are likely to fall short of 30 billion cubic metres of gas next year

Britain to strike major LNG deal with the US

The Prime Minister will reportedly announce details after the COP27 summit

IEA: Europe must act now to avoid gas shortage next year

It warns the region could face a gap of as much as 30bn cubic metres of natural gas during the summer period