British Gas warns customers over scam email

Email claims customers will face court action and disconnection

Big Zero Report 2022

The UK’s biggest energy supplier, British Gas has warned customers over “suspicious” mail that might have been received.

Centrica’s business sector published a photo of a scam email that asks customers to pay for unpaid bills.

The email said: “If we do not receive a payment or hear from you in the next two days and we have to contact you again, you will be charged £140 to cover our reasonable costs.

“If we have to visit your property to collect this debt you will be charged £540.

The scammers continued writing that if the debt remains unpaid they plan to obtain a court warrant to visit customers’ homes to replace gas meters with pay as you go meters or disconnect gas supplies.

British Gas said: “If you have received an email like this, it’s not from us. If you have received this email or anything else suspicious, don’t click any links.”

The energy supplier also called on customers to send these suspicious emails to its department which is in charge of customer protection against phishing practices.

A few days ago, it was reported that the company is preparing for an assault by “activist hedge funds” which are looking to cash in on the energy crisis.

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