UK urged to lead on heat networks

The Association for Decentralised Energy’s Winter Reception highlighted the UK’s potential to lead in heat networks

Bills to increase for Octopus Tracker tariff customers

Octopus Energy is set to increase bills for tens of thousands of customers – the update is affecting approximately 0.7% of the supplier’s customer base

Monthly energy bill charge shocks customer at £244,000

Energy suppliers have been warned after a holiday park owner faced a direct debit horror with an incorrectly charged bill of £244,000

‘Nearly three million homes in England face fuel poverty by 2030’

A new report emphasises the risk of poorer households paying £480 more annually for energy

British Gas grants up to £2,000 energy support

British Gas is injecting £20 million into the British Gas Energy Trust, offering up to £2,000 in grants to support families grappling with rising energy bills

‘Heat network customers face eviction amid 350% surge in energy bills’

Residents in Lambeth are reportedly under the threat of eviction due to a 350% increase in their energy bills

ESO replaces Balancing Mechanism with new platform

The electricity system operator has launched the first phase of its Open Balancing Platform, which is set to replace the existing Balancing Mechanism and Ancillary Services Dispatch Platform by 2027

Chancellor confirms £1k annual energy bill cut for infrastructure neighbours

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement has introduced proposals for residents living closest to new electricity infrastructure to receive up to £1,000 annually off their energy bills

“Energy price cap: 27% hit for low consuming customers”

Analysts note that the upcoming energy price cap adjustment is anticipated to impose a 27% increase for low consuming customers

Ofgem’s new guidance on fair treatment for business customers

The energy regulator has issued guidance to non-domestic energy suppliers to ensure fair treatment for businesses, focusing on deemed rate contracts