University of Sheffield on an active contract with Gazprom

A university representative told ELN the University of Sheffield plans not to renew the contract

Pressure is mounting on local authorities, hospitals and universities across the UK that still rely on Russian oil and gas amid the war in Ukraine.

Among these organisations, the University of Sheffield has an active contract with Gazprom.

In the last few days, a few councils unveiled plans to terminate their ongoing deals with Russian oil and gas companies.

A University of Sheffield spokesperson told ELN: “The University of Sheffield has been working closely with others to identify and review any actions we can take to support the ongoing sanctions against the Russian government.

“We do not intend to renew our contract with Gazprom UK and we are also looking at options around switching our energy supplier before our current contract ends.”

Gazprom Energy and Gazprom Marketing & Trading declined to comment as the companies do not comment on contractual arrangements with individual customers.

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