‘Russia’s natural gas pipeline exports to Europe near historic lows’

Exports to Europe and the UK declined by almost 40% during the first seven months of 2022, according to a new report

Germany rules out putting Nord Stream 2 into operation this winter

The German Government has insisted it is committed to the sanctions on Russia, despite the “difficult months” ahead

Gazprom: sanctions make delivery of Nord Stream gas turbine impossible

The German Chancellor has blamed Russia as “there are no technical reasons” for reduced gas supplies

Germany to inspect freshly arrived Nord Stream gas turbine today

German Chancellor will visit Siemens Energy’s site where Nord Stream 1 gas turbine is kept after undergoing maintenance

Latvia responds after Russia choked its gas supplies

The Baltic state has secured gas from other sources

UK arm of Gazprom rebrands

Gazprom Marketing & Trading Retail, which traded as Gazprom Energy is now called SEFE Energy

Gazprom: Gas supply to Europe via Nord Stream to be cut further

The energy giant has said it will halt another turbine in the pipeline

Gazprom: Risks remain on gas turbine delivery for Nord Stream

The energy giant has confirmed it has received documents from Siemens Energy but concerns remain

IEA: “Europe set to face supply disruptions in winter, even with gas storage at 90%”

Dr Fatih Birol has said Europe needs to reduce its current gas consumption further to prepare for a “tough” winter

Gazprom reportedly declares Force Majeure on some of its European customers

The energy giant allegedly informed some of its European buyers that it cannot guarantee gas supplies