€5bn Czech scheme to support energy producers given EU greenlight

Under the measure, subsidised loans will be provided to large energy producers to meet the collateral requests in the energy trading markets

‘Shell continues Russian gas trade despite withdrawal pledge’

Campaign group Global Witness reveals that Shell traded nearly 12% of Russia’s shipborne gas exports last year

‘UK’s fossil fuel imports from authoritarian regimes surge to £19.3bn’

In the year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the UK saw a significant increase in fossil fuel imports from authoritarian petrostates, according to a report

Oil prices surge as Saudi Arabia commits to output reductions

Oil prices have experienced a notable increase following Saudi Arabia’s announcement of cutting one million barrels per day in July

Ukrainian nuclear plant on “last line of defence”

The IAEA chief has outlined five principles that should be followed to prevent a nuclear disaster

UK braces for blackouts amid power cable concerns

Experts have warned that attack on undersea power cables could cause widespread economic losses, isolation of communities and potential civil unrest

Chair of UK Energy Committee warns of energy shortages

The new chair of the Commons Energy Security and Net Zero Committee has warned that the war in Ukraine could be a “warning shot” for a future with energy shortages

Ukraine’s electricity exports skyrocket after six-month break

In April 2023, Ukraine exported almost 90,000MWh of electricity, according to the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity

‘Europe may need to cut gas demand by 55bcm to mitigate supply risks’

Europe has utilised almost all of its short-term energy efficiency possibilities, leaving it susceptible to a “considerable” risk of further reduction in Russian piped gas, according to a report

UK and EU join forces to defend wind farms against threats

The UK and EU are teaming up to protect offshore wind farms from possible sabotage by Russia through joint patrols and intelligence sharing