UK greenlights one of Sellafield nuclear site’s ‘biggest ever’ construction projects

The Sellafield Product and Residue Store Retreatment Plant will treat and store historic nuclear waste for at least 100 years

Top 5: World’s largest nuclear stations

This week, the ELN top-5 series looks at the five largest nuclear power stations in the world

GUEST BLOG: Tom Greatrex – A new nuclear age

Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, Tom Greatrex says nuclear station closures threaten jobs and climate goals without new investment

‘No new nuclear power? No net zero!’

A new report suggests the UK must restore nuclear capacity to at least 10GW by the early 2030s if it wants to reach net zero by 2050

EDF responds to reported leak at its Chinese nuclear power plant

The company said it has been informed of a build-up of rare gases at its nuclear power station in China

GUEST BLOG: What the world’s biggest crane is doing for nuclear power in the UK

Carl Sarens tells us about Sarens’ SGC-250 model crane, currently in action at the new Hinkley Point C power plant in Somerset, England

Up to $40m to reduce fuel waste from advanced US nuclear reactors

According to the Department of Energy, nuclear power is one of the most reliable sources of energy in the US, providing 52% of the nation’s electricity in 2020

Britain’s nuclear sector gets the Rolls-Royce treatment!

A Rolls-Royce-led consortium has unveiled a new design for its proposed factory-built nuclear power station

Nuclear and solar turn South West’s grid 100% green

National Grid data shows it had the cleanest power in Britain over the weekend

Ukraine greenlights Chernobyl spent fuel facility

The project is designed to provide safe storage for more than 21,000 spent fuel assemblies of Chernobyl reactors