Tory manifesto calls for cheap and competitive energy

The Conservative Party aims to ensure the cost of energy in the UK remains affordable and competitive. That’s according to its election manifesto released earlier today, in which the party says it would commission an independent review to see how this can be achieved whilst simultaneously ensuring reliable supply and working towards 2050 carbon reduction objectives. The manifesto also outlines […]

CEO of SSE warns Tory price cap must be ‘carefully planned’

The CEO of  SSE has warned a proposed energy price cap in the UK must be carefully planned out. Alistair Phillips-Davies, from the Big Six utility, warned regulator Ofgem that a price cap for standard tariffs must be based on robust methodology if it is to avoid causing serious consequences for the retail market. Speaking to the press, […]

Tory MPs support Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon

Four in every five Conservative MPs and Councillors support the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon project. That’s according to a survey which questioned 303 Councillors and 150 MPs, out of which 61 were Conservatives. The proposed £1 billion Swansea Bay is expected to generate around 500GWh of electricity every year – enough to power almost 120,000 homes. […]

Andrea Leadsom: Energy decisions should be more democratic

Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom said she wants energy decisions to be “more democratic”. This comes after the Queen’s Speech on Wednesday, which mentioned boosting energy security and tackling climate change. The government has also said it would scrap subsidies for onshore windfarms. Ms Leadsom added: “We want to make decisions on energy more democratic and are giving […]

Conservatives to scrap onshore wind support

The Conservative Party has reaffirmed it would end public subsidy for onshore wind farms if it were to win the general election. Its manifesto also aims to implement a law to give local people the final say on wind farm applications around their areas. It states: “Onshore wind now makes a meaningful contribution to our […]

Poll: Majority of Tory MPs reject man-made climate change

Nearly three-quarters of Conservative MPs do not accept that climate change has been proven to be caused by human activity, a new poll found. Out of 119 MPs, including 57 Tories and 51 Labour MPs who responded to the poll, only 17 Conservative MPs agreed it was a scientific fact that climate change is largely […]

Pow! Labour watchdog ‘will scrap supplier licences’

The Labour Party is set to level its guns at Ofgem again today in the hope the Conservative party gets caught in the crossfire. Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint is due to announce that if Labour wins the next election, a new regulator would get powers to revoke an energy supplier’s licence for repeated bad […]

Tory wind opposition “at odds” with public opinion

Conservative MPs’ opposition to onshore wind farms is at odds with public opinion, suggests a new poll by ComRes. The survey of MPs alongside a poll of the public found four out of five of Tory MPs (78%) are opposed to onshore wind. That’s despite 84% of the population believing investment in renewables is important to […]

Davey dodges election question

Energy Secretary Ed Davey yesterday sidestepped questions about the future of UK energy policy after the next election. His party the Liberal Democrats were dealt a blow in the EU elections two weeks ago, losing seats in the European Parliament, raising the prospect of a similar loss in the UK’s 2015 general election. If the […]

Tories to scrap onshore wind farm subsidies

Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative party has pledged to axe public subsidies for any newly planned onshore wind projects if they win the 2015 general election. Subsidies for existing onshore wind projects would however remain in place and wind farms currently under construction or given legal consent would still be completed. But projects that are […]