Third of UK emissions cuts need to come from behaviour change, Lords tell

The government has been criticised for being reluctant to help people change polluting behaviours

Big Zero Report 2022

The government‘s plan to enable behaviour change toward low carbon practices has been branded as “inadequate”.

According to a report published by the Environment and Climate Change Committee, a third of emissions reductions would require individual decisions to adopt green technologies and choose low carbon products and services.

The committee has found that ministers have not introduced measures to help people cut carbon-intensive behaviours.

During the inquiry, MPs looked at the evidence and heard from 146 organisations from across the UK.

In the report, it is stated: “The government should provide clarity to individuals about the changes we need to make, in how we travel, what we eat and buy and how we use energy at home and should articulate the many co-benefits to health and wellbeing of taking those steps.

“A public engagement strategy, both to communicate a national narrative and build support for getting to net zero, is urgently required.”

Baroness Parminter, Chair of the Environment and Climate Change Committee, said: “People power is critical to reach our environmental goals, but unless we are encouraged and enabled to change behaviours in how we travel, what we eat and buy and how we heat our homes, we won’t meet those targets.

“The government’s mantra of “going with the grain of consumer choice” demonstrates a reluctance to help people cut carbon-intensive consumption.”

ELN has approached Defra for comment.

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