CCC warns: No loosening of future UK emission targets

The Climate Change Committee has commended the UK Government for meeting the Third Carbon Budget but strongly advises against carrying forward surplus emissions to relax future carbon budgets

Severn Trent faces £2m fine for River Trent pollution incident

An investigation found that the water supplier had inadequate contingency plans, including a major pump being out of action for 52 days

Recycled food powers UK homes

Last year, Essex provided over 37,000 tonnes of food waste, powering 6,310 homes across the UK for an entire year

Google launches initiative to combat methane leaks

Satellite MethaneSAT completed assembly and is set for launch, aiming to monitor methane emissions worldwide

Roadside litter campaign launched to protect wildlife

National Highways and partners have launched a campaign urging road users to bin their litter after revealing a link between roadside littering and wildlife fatalities

Thames Water tackles ‘concreteberg’

The company will extract illegally dumped concrete from Hammersmith and Fulham sewers

UK to halt water boss bonuses over environmental breaches

The Environment Secretary has announced a crackdown on water company executives’ bonuses tied to criminal breaches, aiming to ensure accountability and deter illegal behaviour

CCC: UK climate ambition criticised for “mixed messages”

The Climate Change Committee highlights that mixed messages, including new fossil fuel developments and adjustments to net zero policies, have damaged the UK’s global climate reputation

Eco activists throw soup at Mona Lisa in Paris

Protesters advocating for ‘healthy and sustainable food’ threw soup at the bulletproof glass protecting the Mona Lisa in the Louvre

We need to appeal to people’s sense of morality to achieve net zero, says expert

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke to Michael Pollitt, Professor at the University of Cambridge, who told us that religious morality can help us solve the climate crisis