UK’s largest water firms ‘didn’t do enough against Beast from the East’

Water regulator Ofwat said a lack of proper emergency responses caused ‘significant hardship’

Majority of UK public want to bin fruit and veg packaging

Around 92% of people said it should not be used or should be reusable

UK’s ‘car addiction costing economy more than £6bn in health costs a year’

The health damage associated with diesel vehicle emissions is shown to be around 20 times more than electric vehicles

Global health, environment and climate change coalition launched

Many pollutants that damage health also harm the environment and contribute to climate change, including carbon from diesel engines and waste incineration

Peru gets recycling in the bag with plastic ponchos

Each item is made out of 80 recycled plastic bottles

Circular economy ‘could halve Europe’s industrial emissions by 2050’

New report suggests this could help make it possible to keep global warming below 2°C

Scottish waste recycling rises above 60% for first time

Seven million tonnes of waste was disposed of sustainably over 2016

Ukrainian state-owned bank joins carbon pricing coalition

Ukrgasbank has already financed more than 330 clean energy projects, eliminating nearly 900,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year

US offers $557k in funding for sustainable student projects

They will use the money to develop innovative technologies to solve environmental and public health challenges

Businesses ‘must perform climate risk assessments and disclose their exposure’

That’s according to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Global Centre of Excellence on Climate Adaptation