Mini-budget: Chancellor outlines tax cuts and energy bill support

Kwasi Kwarteng has said “the help is coming” for households and businesses amid the “worst energy crisis in generations”

Could the Thames water down Parliament’s energy bills?

New scheme could use river as a source of hydropower for Palace of Westminster

Business Secretary’s absence from EAC’s “important” session criticised

Kwasi Kwarteng informed the committee he was not able to attend a few hours before the session starts

Queen’s Speech should include an Energy Bill, says industry

The new legislation could help the UK move faster towards a low carbon energy system, according to a new report

MPs asked not to apply for £150 energy rebate

The IPSA has called on MPs to repay the Council Tax Rebate to the body in case they receive it

‘Many more energy suppliers could go bust next winter’

More bankruptcies might come because companies will be less protected by hedging strategies, MPs told

Britain could learn from Japan’s response to Fukushima to deal with energy crisis

Behavioural change in energy demand could offset some of the pressure of soaring gas prices, MPs told

MPs criticise government over “no clear plan” for net zero funding

Ministers have no clear idea of the cost of cutting emissions, the Public Accounts Committee suggests