Vulnerable people to be protected after April 2023 as Liz Truss says “sorry”

The Prime Minister has reassured vulnerable people that they would still get protected after April 2023

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Liz Truss has promised to continue offering support to vulnerable people struggling to pay their energy bills once the official government’s cap comes to an end.

Yesterday, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt said the Energy Price Guarantee will no longer last two years and will be reviewed in April.

In an interview with the BBC last night, the Prime Minister sought to reassure vulnerable families that they would still receive support to tackle the rising energy costs.

Liz Truss said: “I can reassure people off is that the most vulnerable will be protected into next winter. We’re looking at exactly how we can do that.

“And being in government is always about a balance or being able to make those decisions, but I also have to think about, and the Chancellor has to think about economic stability.

“So we will make sure those households who are struggling do have that support into next winter. We’ll be saying more about that in due course.”

Ms Truss also apologised for “mistakes” in the government’s controversial mini-budget that caused havoc on the financial markets.

The Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) think-tank has said the new tax measures reversals would not be enough by themselves to “plug the gap in the government’s fiscal plans”.

Paul Johnson, IFS Director, said: “Jeremy Hunt will still have to make some scary decisions on tax and spend this Halloween. And it remains hard to see where significant spending cuts could come from.”

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