Chancellor: ‘In a perfect, theoretical world’ rich homeowners wouldn’t get energy bill discounts

Rishi Sunak explains why those that own multiple homes are receiving the same discount as poorer households and why he decided to implement the windfall tax

Rishi Sunak forecasts ‘enormous easing’ of cost of living crisis next year

The Chancellor has said expected benefits and pension rises next year will ease pressures on struggling households

Windfall tax could jeopardise UK climate targets, says oil and gas consortium

A group of 31 companies has called for an “end to speculation” on the tax

E.ON boss: “Nearly 40% of households could be hit by fuel poverty”

Michael Lewis has said household energy bills could soar to around £2,800 a year from October

New nuclear power stations may increase energy bills, says Business Secretary

Kwasi Kwarteng however, has said in the “medium-term” new nuclear would give the UK “cheaper power”

BBC global warming documentary ‘included a number false claims’

Among other allegations, the programme claimed deaths globally were rising due to extreme weather

Where do used chopsticks go?

Footballer Tom Davies speaks about his project that sees chopsticks from Chinese restaurants recycled and turned into new products

BBC makes £300k from plastic toys despite net zero pledge

The company has committed to reaching net zero by 2030 but continues to produce magazines with plastic ‘freebies’

Government considers putting carbon border tax on imports

The levy will reportedly aim to limit products from countries that have not implemented measures to reduce their carbon emissions

Russia could help the UK ‘alleviate the difficulties’ from energy crisis

Russia’s Ambassador to the UK confirmed that Russia will come to rescue the UK “if it will be an opportunity”