Bill Gates responds to claims he’s “climate hypocrite”

The Microsoft Co-Founder has defended his private jet travel patterns, saying he is not “part of the problem”

Magistrate steps down over force-fitting prepay meter warrants

A magistrate told the BBC that lack of scrutiny puts vulnerable customers at risk

“Suppliers given benefit of doubt on forced prepayment installations”

Courts should check warrant process for instalment of prepayment meters says ex-minister

Leaked scripts reveal BBC response to potential blackouts this winter

Britons will reportedly be advised to turn up car radios to be informed about the progress of restoring power to their homes

Vulnerable people to be protected after April 2023 as Liz Truss says “sorry”

The Prime Minister has reassured vulnerable people that they would still get protected after April 2023

Drax issues new statement on BBC Panorama’s ‘green energy scandal’ claims

A BBC programme had previously alleged that Drax was chopping trees from primary forests to use them as wood pellets in its power station

Drax cuts down primary forests in Canada, BBC investigation finds

BBC Panorama claims that some of the wood pellets which are being burnt at Drax Power Station to produce electricity come from primary forests in Canada

Water bosses bonuses ‘went up by 20% last year’

Executives received on average a bonus of £100,000 last year

Britons face £3,616 energy bills

Analysts have today said the price cap will be significantly above £3,000 a year until at least 2024

Chancellor: ‘In a perfect, theoretical world’ rich homeowners wouldn’t get energy bill discounts

Rishi Sunak explains why those that own multiple homes are receiving the same discount as poorer households and why he decided to implement the windfall tax