National Gas launches with new vision

National Gas has left National Grid to forge its own path – what does this mean?

Big Zero Report 2022

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National Grid Gas has become National Gas.

This follows Macquarie Asset Management and British Columbia Investment Management Corporation’s acquisition of National Grid’s Gas Transmission & Metering services, after a 60% equity stake sale.

“We’ve left National Grid and we’re now a stand-alone company.”

That’s the statement made by National Gas CEO Jon Butterworth, explaining his excitement for the future to Energy Live News Founder Sumit Bose.

The change will allow the company “to invest in the future and invest in hydrogen,” he says – but how will it impact consumers?

“No prices will change. We are a regulated entity; regulated by Ofgem. Our returns are set, any excess profit we make goes back to customers. Prices are not going to change at all.”

Learn more about why National Gas has come to be by watching the full interview.

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