Government proposes to end the sale of new diesel and petrol HGVs by 2040

That is part of a newly announced plan that aims to decarbonise all modes of the UK’s domestic transport by 2050

Could CCUS slash almost half of the UK’s industrial cluster emissions?

The so-called East Coast Cluster aims to capture, transport and store up to 27 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year by 2030

Nepal’s ‘largest’ hydropower plant starts generating electricity

The first – 76MW – of six units of the 456MW facility is now connected to the national grid

‘UK’s first’ geothermal boils up in Cornwall!

A deep geothermal power plant in Cornwall has produced steam for the first time in the UK

Sale of WPD to National Grid for £7.8bn finalised

PPL Corporation, which owned the business, aims to turn its focus on the US energy market

Britain set to see ‘periods of true zero carbon electricity in 2025’

National Grid ESO predicts that these periods will be short at first but will be extended as the transformation of the electricity system accelerates

National Grid to bid for some fresh NY air!

Grid operator’s investment division has partnered with RWE Renewables to build offshore wind projects in the US

National Grid adopts power flow tech to free up 1.5GW of new network capacity

The innovative project will help overcome grid constraint bottlenecks by intelligently routing power, allowing use of the existing network to be maximised

Brits feel ‘left out of the loop on climate change’

A new study by National Grid has linked the British public’s pessimism towards a greener future to the lack of knowledge about the positive steps that have been taken to protect the environment

Ofgem: National Grid ESO must pay £1.5m for ‘inaccurate’ electricity demand forecasts

Britain’s energy regulator said National Grid ESO failed to provide accurate forecasts for five months in 2017