Tesla rival Nikola Motor unveils hydrogen-powered truck

It will be aimed at the European market and is expected to start production in 2022/23

New UK hydrogen gas network trial cleared by HSE

The HyDeploy project will blend up to 20% of hydrogen with the normal gas supply in part of Keele University’s private gas network

Water-based hydrogen fuel ‘could halve cost of going zero emission’

Australian-Israeli startup Electriq~Global claims its technology is efficient, safe, clean and recyclable

Ballard Power Systems gases up four UPS trucks with hydrogen fuel cells

The companies hope the vans will help reduce freight emissions in their area of operation

New EU fuel labelling informs drivers on environmental impact

They will include information on the maximum biofuel content in the fuels

Hydrogen plane looks to gain serious altitude

HES Energy System hopes the vehicle will offer zero emission flights

Japan hits the gas on 10MW hydrogen plant construction

Japan has started building a 10MW hydrogen gas plant, officially named the Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field (FH2R). In collaboration with a consortium made up of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organisation, Toshiba, Tohoku Electric Power and Iwatani, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry plans to open the facility in 2020. The site […]

New £4.1m fuel cell innovation centre launched in Manchester

Fuel cells have higher efficiency than diesel or gas engines and could be used to power homes, offices, factories and cars

Could hydrogen-powered drones soon hit the skies?

South Korean technology firm Doosan says its hydrogen fuel cell means drones will be able to stay in the air for up to two hours

Scientists take step forward in solar production of hydrogen

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have used artificial photosynthesis to generate the clean gas