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DCC launches Equity Energies to drive net zero future

DCC Energy has launched Equity Energies, a consultancy focused on guiding organisations towards net zero emissions through tailored energy strategies

DCC Energy has introduced a new consultancy named Equity Energies.

The venture aims to assist organisations in achieving net zero emissions.

Previously known as eEnergy Management, the rebranded consultancy seeks to offer comprehensive energy strategies to meet the growing demands for emission reductions and accelerated decarbonisation.

Toby Costar, Marketing Director at Equity Energies, explained that the new brand aims to provide a distinctive presence in the market and help organisations navigate their journey to net zero.

Sophie Print, Head of New Energies at Flogas, outlined the three key areas of the business: energy procurement, My ZeERO (a data insights platform) and net zero consultancy.

Ryan O’Neill, Chief Strategy Officer at Equity Energies, emphasised the company’s commitment to not only advising on net zero pathways but also delivering decarbonisation solutions.

He noted that the consultancy’s approach involves creating bespoke solutions tailored to the specific needs of each business.

Jo Robinson, Director of Client Services commented on the potential benefits of this launch: “It’s an amazing opportunity for us to support businesses on their net zero pathway. It’s about actually looking at each business.

“Every business has got a different requirement to get to that net zero pathway. So, it’s about us supporting them and giving them the tools and knowledge.”

Watch the video to hear more from the Equity Energies team about their vision and strategies for achieving net zero.

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