UK and Germany sign hydrogen deal

The partnership is expected to advance the hydrogen industry, focusing on accelerating hydrogen projects, setting international standards and promoting innovation

Global energy sector sees record emissions

Global carbon dioxide emissions from the energy sector reached an unprecedented high in 2022, according to the International Energy Agency

Former UK Prime Minister: Oil titans should face global climate tax

Gordon Brown has proposed a $25 billion global windfall tax to support climate initiatives in poorer countries

ECO4’s bumpy start: Early months see drop in delivery

Heating measures accounted for approximately 67% of the measures reported under ECO4 until July 2023, with the remaining 33% comprising insulation measures

Royal opening marks Aberdeen Harbour expansion

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal has officially opened the £420 million expansion of Aberdeen South Harbour

SSE and West Midlands partner for green energy

SSE Energy Solutions and the West Midlands Combined Authority join forces in a partnership to drive green initiatives across the region, including electric vehicle hubs and modern heat networks

SSE Renewables goes global with French wind farm

SSE Renewables has commenced construction on the Chaintrix onshore wind farm in northeast France, marking its first project outside the UK and Ireland

“We’re going to change”: Rishi Sunak waters down car and boiler targets

The Prime Minister has pushed back a ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars to 2035

Delayed ban on diesel and petrol cars ‘incredibly confusing’

Mike Hawes, the CEO of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, is concerned that the reported postponed ban on diesel and petrol cars might deter people from switching to EVs

Industry reacts to UK’s ‘green policy U-turn’

Industry concerns are mounting as reports suggest potential changes to the UK government’s environmental commitments, with critics cautioning that such revisions could lead to higher energy bills