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Giant transformers delivered to boost electricity network

National Grid has transported over 1,300 tonnes of supergrid transformers across the UK in the first half of the year

National Grid has delivered more than 1,300 tonnes of supergrid transformers (SGTs) to substations across its electricity transmission network in the first six months of this year.

A 174-tonne SGT arrived at Bridgwater substation in Somerset after starting its journey with a boat trip from Rotterdam, navigating up the River Parrett, and manoeuvring through Bridgwater town.

This delivery is part of the Hinkley Connection Project, which aims to upgrade the substation’s voltage from 275kV to 400kV to accommodate expected electricity demand growth in the region.

Similarly, another 174-tonne SGT reached Tilbury Docks, intended for a new grid supply point (GSP) substation in Suffolk as part of the Bramford to Twinstead Reinforcement project.

Looking ahead, National Grid plans to deliver two more giant SGTs to Elstree substation in Hertfordshire by June, as part of ongoing efforts to ensure reliable electricity supply amidst increasing demand.

Supergrid transformers play a crucial role in enhancing substations’ capacity and resilience by regulating voltage for efficient electricity transmission from power generators and safe distribution to homes and businesses across regional networks.

Roisin Quinn, director of asset operations at National Grid, said: “A lot of work goes into transformer deliveries, long before any electrons pass through them.

“These recent and upcoming SGT deliveries are all contributing to significant upgrades we have underway on our transmission network, and will all reinforce the grid as electricity demand grows and projects connect in the future.”

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