Elon Musk launches new project to convert carbon into rocket fuel!

Tesla’s Founder invited anyone with innovative ideas to join the new programme

More than 8,500 roles at Rolls-Royce to be scrapped by the end of the year

The British giant said its business restructuring programme delivers cost savings more quickly than previously anticipated

British green aerospace manufacturing jets off with £90m boost

A 3D printing machine that will produce smaller components for aircraft has secured a share of the funding

Battery storage
Up to £10m up for grabs for innovative battery tech research

Innovate UK is providing the funding for feasibility studies and research and development into promising new battery technologies

ENGIE teams up with aerospace firm to develop liquid green hydrogen

The production of renewable liquid hydrogen aims to speed up the decarbonisation of heavy-duty and long-distance transportation

Fly to net zero! UK awards £400m to make air travel greener

Development of high-performance engines, energy-efficient components and lightweight materials to reduce fuel consumption is set to benefit from the government funding

New £28m UK research hub aims to drive electrical revolution

Researchers who will work closely with industry to address key manufacturing challenges in the production of electrical machines in sectors including aerospace, high value automotive and energy

New aerospace funding to see smart plane tech take to the skies

Around £8m of new financing aims to help develop technologies such as electric planes and smart systems

£10m for offshore wind pioneers

DECC is encouraging innovators to enter two competitions worth £10 million in a bid to cut the costs of offshore wind power. The new investment follows two successful rounds of the Government’s offshore wind innovation scheme and is calling on new ideas from companies in oil and gas, aerospace and manufacturing. Up to £7 million, […]

China and US open energy technology centre

The US and China have opened an energy technology centre in Beijing to support the growth of the aviation industry. The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) and Boeing, a US aerospace company, will look at refining waste cooking oil into sustainable aviation biofuel as part of its first project. Often described as “gutter oil” […]