Fly to net zero! UK awards £400m to make air travel greener

Development of high-performance engines, energy-efficient components and lightweight materials to reduce fuel consumption is set to benefit from the government funding

The government has launched a new round of £400 million of funding to make the aerospace sector greener.

This includes a FlyZero initiative, which aims to bring together 100 experts to commence work on zero emission aircraft technology to secure future manufacturing in the UK.

A portion of the finance will also be allocated to support projects including the development of high-performance engines, new wing designs, energy-efficient components and lightweight materials to reduce fuel consumption.

The money will also secure jobs in the aerospace sector and bolster the work of experts from companies of all sizes and institutions, including the universities of Nottingham and Birmingham.

Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Alok Sharma said: “We have an incredible aerospace industry right here in the UK that defines the way aircraft are manufactured globally.

“This £400 million investment will help secure our world-leading position in developing new flight technology to make air travel safer and greener into the future.”

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