Sky shield secured: UK pledges £3.5m to protect Air Defence from windfarms

The funding will support the development of prototypes aimed at mitigating windfarm impact on surveillance systems

The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) in collaboration with the Defence and Security Accelerator has announced £3.2 million in funding to address the potential disruption caused by offshore windfarms on the UK’s Air Defence technologies.

This funding will be utilised to create prototype demonstrations of windfarm mitigating technologies, which encompass new materials and sensor advancements.

Additionally, a new competition has been launched to further address this issue, offering up to £500,000 in funding for experts specialising in modelling and testing the efficacy of various mitigation methods.

LiveLink Aerospace, a Hampshire-based aerospace firm, has secured up to £1.3 million for their project aimed at addressing radar interference from wind turbine blades.

Meanwhile, Trelleborg, an engineering company in Nottinghamshire, has been awarded up to £1.8 million to develop advanced materials for wind turbine blades to minimise radar disruption.

Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps said: “Our offshore wind capability plays a huge role in delivering our energy security, with world’s four largest offshore windfarms in UK waters.

“But with the war raging on, we need to make sure our energy security and our national security remain fully compatible.”

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