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EU Parliament adopts first-ever law to curb methane emissions in energy sector

The newly enacted legislation empowers the EU to lower methane emissions from the energy sector, aligning with the EU's climate objectives and enhancing air quality

The European Parliament has passed new legislation aimed at reducing methane emissions from the energy sector, marking the first EU-wide effort to address this significant greenhouse gas.

Methane, responsible for about a third of current global warming, poses both climate and air quality challenges, and the new regulation aims to help the EU achieve its climate goals while improving air quality.

The law covers direct methane emissions from oil, fossil gas, coal sectors and biomethane injected into the gas network.

It also extends requirements for imported oil, gas and coal starting from 2027.

Following the vote, co-rapporteurs Jutta Paulus and Pascal Canfin expressed satisfaction with the legislation, highlighting its importance in addressing methane emissions domestically and from fossil fuel imports.

The law now awaits adoption by the Council before entering into force.

Kim O’Dowd, Climate Campaigner at the London-based Environmental Investigation Agency, said: “Methane has long been overlooked. While the ultimate goal remains the phaseout of fossil fuels, swift action to address methane emissions from this sector is crucial for the EU to achieve its target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55 per cent by 2030.”

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