Octopus’ platform to make a splash in water market

A new business arm, Kraken Utilities aims to provide water and broadband services

UK trials technology to deliver broadband through water pipes

Yorkshire Water has started investigations in South Yorkshire to plan the first UK pilot

Greener web surfing for Gigaclear customers

Broadband provider Gigaclear has switched to a 100% renewable electricity provider. It has struck a deal with UK supplier Ecotricity, which will provide green power to its existing network of 82 broadband sites. Gigaclear specialises in connecting rural communities to high speed internet, connecting 35,000 properties to date. Ecotricity said it will also be working […]

US broadband firm invests $100m in solar and fuel-cell project

A US broadband and telecommunications company announced it would invest $100 million (£64m) in a solar and fuel-cell energy project to power 19 of its facilities across the country. The project will help Verizon generate more than 70 million kWh of clean electricity when operational – enough to power around 6,000 homes per year – […]

Business alliance could make Indian Smart Grid

Two major energy management firms, Taurus and Grid2020, have announced an alliance to form an Indian Smart Grid using Broadband over Power Line technology. With BPL, the user can plug a computer into any electrical outlet in their home and instantly have access to high-speed Internet. Chandrashekhar Ogale, Director of Taurus Infoworld, said: “Our vision […]

Small business bosses don’t read energy small print

Research shows that more than half of small business bosses don’t read the small print of their utilities contracts. The survey by E.ON found that small business owners were least likely to read the terms and conditions provided by their water supplier (just 2%), followed by energy supplier (24%), broadband supplier (26%) and most likely […]