Warning capacity market could boost energy bills

An academic has sounded the alarm over a new auction meant to make sure there is enough power supply for the UK by claiming it will lead to higher energy bills. The warning from Catherine Mitchell, Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Exeter came on the eve of the first ever capacity auction […]

Windfall warning from “clumsy” energy auctions

Environmental not-for-profit campaign group Sandbag today warned the “clumsy Capacity Market” could “actively subsidise 45-year old coal power stations to stay open that would otherwise have shut”. They claimed this would “crowd out opportunities for new gas power stations to be built” and discourage new demand-side response. Four operating coal plants are potentially going to hoover up cash […]

Speed up new gas plant at Coryton, minister begged

Plans for a new gas power station in Essex are being held back because investors won’t cough up until the project bags government subsidy. The dilemma was revealed by local MP Stephen Metcalfe yesterday in the House of Commons when he asked Energy Minister Michael Fallon to help avoid “unnecessary delay”. He said energy firm Intergen […]