Electric frankencar hits the road – behold the Teslonda!

The battery-powered vehicle is a retro Honda Accord fitted with a high-performance Tesla motor

South Korea flag
South Korea on the road to 40,000 hydrogen cars by 2022

The government also plans to promote the data and artificial intelligence economy

Vauxhall Corsa to lead company’s 2020 electrification charge

The British vehicle manufacturer plans to release an electric version of all of its models by 2024

Addison Lee confirms collection for autonomous taxis by 2021

The ride-sharing app said it plans to introduce driverless cars to London within three years

What a concept! Peugeot rolls out sporty new EV

The e-Legend Concept boasts a range of 370 miles and a top speed of 137 miles per hour

Jaguar’s new electric car leaps from London to Brussels in single charge

The automaker drove its I-PACE 229 miles, arriving with 8% battery charge left in reserve

Suzuki to test prototype EVs for Indian market this year

It plans to launch a series of low carbon cars across the country in collaboration with Toyota by 2020

Solar-powered car to speed into the sunlight by 2019

Sono Motor’s Sion uses photovoltaic panels to generate clean electricity while the car is driving

Porsche’s first electric car to shoot out of the showroom in 2019

The 600bhp battery-powered Taycan will be able to accelerate to 62mph in under 3.5 seconds

Tesla losses in second quarter of 2018 exceed $717m

However, the tech firm’s revenues exceeded expectations, totalling $4bn in the three months leading up to June