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Energy supplier launches “cheapest tariff in the market”

Ecotricity has launched a fixed tariff, which offers gas and electricity at an average cost of £1,540 for dual fuel customers

Ecotricity has launched what it claims to be the most budget-friendly energy deal available in the market.

The company’s new one-year fixed tariff is set to cost an average of £1,540 for dual fuel customers, including VAT.

This figure falls below the current energy price cap of £1,690 and it is anticipated to remain competitive even after the expected July price cap adjustments.

A fixed energy tariff, such as the one offered by Ecotricity, ensures that unit rates and standing charges remain consistent throughout the contracted period.

While the total bill may vary based on usage, the stability of rates offers customers potential savings in the long run.

Ecotricity Founder Dale Vince said: “Energy bills are still double what they used to be, we’re aware of the impact that has for many people.

“Along with keeping prices keen, our customer service is ranked amongst the top three in the country and of course, we are the greenest energy supplier.”

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