Heat is the ‘Cinderella’ of energy industry

The heat sector in the UK “is in some ways the ‘Cinderella’ part” of the energy industry. That’s the view of Dan Byles MP, Member of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, who believes although heat is a “huge part” of the nation’s energy use, it hasn’t been given as much attention as the […]

‘Senior execs should be forced to sign off energy audits’

Senior executives should be forced to sign off energy audits for their companies to raise awareness about energy efficiency. That’s the conclusion of new research which looks at how to persuade more businesses to boost the energy efficiency of their buildings. It points to the need for senior execs to “buy-in” to energy saving in […]

‘Re-launch the Green Deal’ for SMEs, government told

The UK Government should “re-launch” the Green Deal for the non-domestic sector and help small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) access cheap loans for energy efficiency improvements. That’s according to a new report which claims a “lack of available upfront capital” is one of the barriers for many SMEs, especially micro-businesses and suggests a re-launch […]

New inquiry to look at future UK energy supply

A new independent inquiry to investigate the future of electricity supply in the UK was launched yesterday. The ‘Future Electricity Series’ is a three-phase nine-month research, which will explore the three “pillars” of electricity supply – fossil fuels, renewables and nuclear – and what role they can play in meeting the Government’s objectives of providing […]

Businesses waste £6bn in energy bills

Wasteful energy use is costing UK business £6bn a year, according to a report out yesterday. And the authors claim that this figure could rocket further as Ofgem estimates that energy prices could climb by over 40% over the coming decade. The report, Energy Efficiency: The Untapped Business Opportunity, has been written by independent, not-for-profit […]