More biofuels ‘could push up cost of driving’

Government insistence on using more biofuels in transport fuel could push up the cost of driving, a new report on the “trouble with biofuels” claimed today. Biofuels are made from biological matter such as plants or corn and the EU believes they will help drive down emissions from cars, trucks and planes by replacing fossil […]

Climate what? I’ve got cash to burn!

People would care more about trees if money grew on them. A new piece of research from the UK Energy Research Centre has found people care less about the environment during times of recession. However, the findings do suggest people are more likely to be concerned if there is a financial gain to be made. […]

Swerve on policy could put off nuclear investment

The nuclear industry needs long-term guarantees from energy policy or it could suffer from investor uncertainty, an expert at an independent think tank has warned. Malcolm Grimston, Associate Fellow at Chatham House said that another big swerve in direction could be off-putting for investors. Speaking at a fringe meeting at the Conservatives’ conference in Manchester, […]