DECC’s new fuel poverty definition ‘flawed’

The Government’s proposed new definition for fuel poverty is “flawed” and poor households will still lack affordable warmth. That’s according to National Energy Action (NEA) which is “disappointed” about DECC’s plans to redefine fuel poverty in the UK. Under the new proposals, the Government is expected to cut the number of people classified as living […]

Government urged to take stronger action against fuel poverty

UK MPs have called on the Government to take stronger action to tackle fuel poverty in privately rented and off-grid sectors. Tim Yeo MP, Chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Committee wrote to Energy Minister Greg Barker last week highlighting the important issues raised during the Committee’s inquiry into fuel poverty. Mr Yeo said […]

UK takes flak for “watering down” EU efficiency laws

The UK Government has been criticised for its role in “watering down” new EU laws which set legally binding energy efficiency laws for European countries. The EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive means all Member States have to bring in energy saving schemes, led by the public sector. It also reinforces the EU’s 20% energy savings target […]

Outlaw inefficient rental homes by 2016, demand charities

Charities are calling for government to outlaw landlords renting inefficient homes by 2016 over concerns that private tenants are ‘trapped’ into higher fuel bills. Under DECC’s Green Deal scheme, after 2018 landlords will not be able to let a property that falls below a minimum energy efficiency rating, likely to be set at “E”, without […]