George Osborne ‘undermined’ future green technologies

The Chancellor has “undermined” the clean energy market by announcing tax breaks for fossil fuels and ignoring green technologies of the future. That’s the view of environmental groups who criticised George Osborne’s announcement yesterday as a “20th century budget for a 21st century economy”. David Nussbaum, Chief Executive of WWF-UK said: “This Chancellor’s budget was […]

Wind better boost for UK economy than gas

Investment in offshore wind would have a more positive impact on UK GDP and create thousands more jobs than gas. A new report by Cambridge Econometrics for environmental groups Greenpeace and WWF claims it could increase GDP by 0.8% – or £20 billion – and create around 70,000 jobs by 2030. It could also prevent […]

Energy efficiency could cut bills by £10bn

The Government should encourage energy efficiency as it could cut bills by £10 billion a year. That’s according to a new report by environmental groups Green Alliance and WWF, which claims effective measures to reduce electricity use could cut 40% of the demand by 2030. They suggest the Government should create a “market” for electricity […]

Scotland’s wind support a ‘stark contrast’ to Westminster’s ‘political games’

The Scottish Government’s announcement to support onshore wind stands in “stark contrast” to the “political games and infighting” in Westminster, the WWF said. The comment follows First Minister Alex Salmond’s confirmation yesterday suggesting the level of support for onshore wind shouldn’t be cut by more than 10%. The Scottish Government will be providing support at […]

Cautious welcome for carbon reporting from its champions

Plans to make all firms listed on the London Stock Exchange report on their greenhouse gas emissions have received a cautious welcome from one of its main backers. Business lobbying group the CBI has vocally campaigned for blanket carbon reporting to give companies an even footing. It said the regulation must be done “sensibly”. This […]

Renewables could meet 90% of UK’s electricity by 2030

Renewable energy sources can meet 60% or more of the UK’s electricity demand, according to WWF. The wildlife charity says that it could even meet 90% of our electricity needs by 2030. Their Positive Energy report looked at six scenarios for the type of energy we will need to use. It suggests that by sticking […]