UK Coal boss resigns

The boss of mining business UK Coal has resigned ahead of the company’s managed closure after it went into administration. Chief Executive Officer Kevin McCullough joined the coal firm 18 months ago from his role as Chief Operating Officer at npower. Last year Mr McCullough told audiences at Energy Live 2013 the UK should make […]

UK Coal goes into administration, saving 2,000 jobs

Mining firm UK Coal went into administration today in a move its boss says is the “only way” to save the business. Although 350 jobs hit the dust, 2,000 will be saved with some restructuring of the mining assets. This follows an enormous fire which ravaged the firm’s Daw Mill deep mine in March 2013 […]

‘Terrible week’ for coal as fire mine closes

A Warwickshire coal mine ravaged by fire for nearly two weeks will definitely close, its owners announced today, likely spelling the end of most jobs for the 650-strong workforce. UK Coal Mine Holdings and Coalfield Resources said the Daw Mill Colliery will not reopen as the underground fire still burns on. Although such fires aren’t […]

Fire ‘still raging’ at UK’s biggest coal mine

A huge underground fire is “still raging” at the UK’s largest working coal mine, casting serious doubts on whether it will be able to re-open in future. The major blaze first began as a smaller fire on Friday afternoon prompting all staff at the Daw Mill Colliery in Warwickshire to be evacuated. The fire continues […]