Reduced deforestation in Indonesia triggers carbon payment from Norway

It will be the first payment for reducing around 4.8m tons of carbon emissions under a climate initiative that started in 2010

Harrison Ford: Protecting natural world is key to tackling climate change

Speaking at the Global Climate Action Summit, the actor warned of a ‘looming climate catastrophe’

Philanthropist groups pledge $459m to stop deforestation

The announcement roughly doubles the funds the groups currently dedicate to forest protection

Deforestation risks $941bn – leaf it out!

International businesses are risking $941 billion (£711bn) of investments by failing to adequately address the risks posed by deforestation. That’s according to a new report from CDP based on 201 global companies’ disclosures regarding the four commodities responsible for the bulk of deforestation and forest degradation – cattle products, palm oil, timber products and soy. […]

UK provides £62m to combat deforestation in Latin America

The UK Government has announced two projects to help combat deforestation in Latin America. It is investing £19 million in the Partnerships for Forests (P4F) fund for projects in Brazil, Colombia and Peru to protect the Amazon Rainforest. It has pledged a further £43 million in the REDD for Early Movers (REM) initiative, in partnership […]

MEPs propose higher renewable energy target

Environment MEPs are proposing to raise the EU’s renewable energy goals for 2030. They suggest increasing the share of energy from renewable sources such as solar and wind to at least 35%. It is part of the ongoing reform of the renewables energy directive, a central piece of EU energy and climate change policy, which […]

Brazil opens up third of Amazon to deforestation

Brazil has opened up nearly a third of a vast national reserve in the Amazon to mining. The area, which is thought to be rich in gold and other minerals, covers 17,800 square miles across the northern states of Amapa and Para – this is an area larger than Denmark. A decree from President Michel […]

I’m Lovin’ It! McDonald’s in green supply chain push

Eight new corporations, including global brands McDonald’s and L’Oréal, have joined a green supply chain initiative. They aim to leverage their purchasing power to achieve deforestation-free commodity supply chains as CDP expands its green initiative. The firms include McDonald’s Latin American franchise Arcos Dorados, Swiss fragrance firm Firmenich, Brazilian meatpacker JBS, US healthcare company Johnson […]

Amazon rainforest ‘could face unprecedented deforestation’

The Amazon rainforest could be at risk of unprecedented levels of deforestation. That’s according to Philip Fearnside, Professor at the National Amazon Research Institute, who says last year alone, more than 3,000 square miles of plants and trees were cut down. This is a 29% higher deforestation rate than the previous year. Brazilian President Michel Temer is currently trying to ease environmental protections in an […]

Space Agency returns to earth to protect forests

A Scottish firm has secured a £14.2 million contract from the UK Space Agency to monitor and protect rainforests. Sustainability software and developer Ecometrica won the work from the agency’s recently launched International Partnership Programme (IPP). The IPP aims to bring together expertise from the British space industry to provide green, economic or social benefits to underdeveloped […]