43% of UK public back new nuclear subsidy

More than a third (43%) of the British public said they would support Government subsidy for the construction of new nuclear power plants in the UK. That is in comparison to only 28% who said they would not, according to a new poll of more than 2,000 people. It also revealed almost half (46%) of […]

Gas sector not so gushing over Osborne’s strategy

The sector’s response to the Government’s Gas Strategy was less gushing and more of a trickle as engineers said they were “disappointed” there was no sign of new investment in gas-fired power plants. In his Autumn Statement the Chancellor George Osborne stated yesterday the Coalition would “ensure we make the best use of lower cost […]

Shale gas exploitation could ‘rebalance UK economy’

The exploitation of shale gas resources in the UK could help boost the nation’s economy. That’s according to UK engineers who claims around 4,200 jobs could be created every year over a ten-year drill programme. Dr Tim Fox, Head of Energy and Environment at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers said: “Shale gas has the potential […]

Is liquid air storage the answer to unreliable wind?

Engineers believe they have found an answer to the unreliability of wind power: liquid air storage. The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (Imeche) is unveiling the unique new British technology in London tomorrow. The Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) takes electricity from the grid at peak times, such as on windy days, and uses it to […]