£300 a month: Second hand vehicle salary sacrifice scheme makes EVs cheaper

Octopus has introduced a new scheme to make EVs more affordable for the mass market

Battery breakthrough: “Cloak” keeps EVs going strong!

Researchers have developed a “thermal cloak” that passively regulates temperatures in EVs, promising longer-lasting batteries and improved performance

Octopus secures £150m funding to drive EV expansion

Octopus has raised £150 million in funding from Pollen Street Capital, bringing the total funding for its EV leasing arm to over £650 million

Sunak speaks to EU over EV Brexit row

Carmakers have called for a change to origin rules on EV manufacturing

Climate protestors crash Formula E race

Members of Letzte Generation climbed over fences and parked themselves in front of the electric race cars to stop the race taking place

New emissions standard to boost EVs in Australia

It’s expected to cut the country’s carbon emissions by 10m tonnes by 2035

EU says all new cars must be zero-emission by 2035

Vehicles are responsible for around 15% of the EU’s carbon emissions

Octopus and BYD seal deal, as brand hits UK

Octopus will become BYD’s preferred salary sacrifice provider – providing up to 30% off the upfront cost of its cars

EV wins UK’s Car of the Year award

The MG4 has been labelled ‘perfect’ by the awards, overcoming petrol rivals to reach top spot

Man fined for stealing power for his EV from the council

Electricity from the local council’s power box was used by the thief to get his car back on the road