Norway makes wheely good progress on clean car sales

  More than half of Norway’s new car sales in 2017 were electric or hybrid vehicles. That’s according to the Norwegian Road Federation, which says 20.9% were zero emission vehicles, powered mainly by electricity or hydrogen, with hybrids accounting for the other 31.3%. This represents a significant increase over the previous year, when zero emission […]

Global emissions hit record levels

Global CO2 emissions hit a record high of 31.6 gigatonnes in 2011. According to the International Energy Association (IEA) the new peak, which is 1Gt higher than the year before, threatens to scupper plans to prevent global warming. The IEA has a climate change scenario which requires global CO2 emissions to reach a maximum of 32.6 […]

Scrap the ‘ineffective’ carbon price floor demands Which?

Consumer champions Which? have called on Government to scrap the carbon price floor because it will increase costs unfairly on consumers. The consumer group has demanded the policy be scrapped from the 2012 budget because it is “ineffective” and will not guarantee investment in low carbon generation. The government’s figures estimate the floor price will […]

UK publishes schedule for EU ETS

The UK Government has published the EU ETS auction schedule from May 2012 up to July 2012. The government intends to auction 12 million allowances over the period. The EU ETS works on a ‘cap and trade’ basis. EU governments are required to set an emissions cap for all installations covered by the system. Each […]