Best Buy targets 75% emissions reductions by 2030

The electronics retailer has also pledged to help consumers reduce their emissions by 20% and save $5bn during that period

New project to boost energy efficient product sales

A new programme to encourage the sale of home energy efficient products has been launched in the US. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and technology company Energy Star have created the scheme, which seeks to establish a model for utilities to incentivise retailers to sell and consumers to purchase more efficient products. The Energy Star Retail […]

US launches ‘Flip Your Fridge’ scheme

The US Government has launched a new initiative encouraing people to become more energy efficient. Called “Flip Your Fridge”, it shows the benefits of recycling old refrigerators and replacing them with Energy Star models. Energy Star is a standard for energy efficient products, established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which is responsible for protecting […]