Industry reacts to UK’s new net zero plan

The UK government’s revised net zero plan has elicited mixed reactions from various organisations

UK considers removing VAT on battery storage installed after solar panels

The Environmental Audit Committee has called for a VAT removal to unlock full potential of household-generated solar power

Energy chief slams ‘grossly unacceptable’ solar project delays

The Chief Executive of Solar Energy UK has said solar projects with planning consent and finance ready can be made to wait for over a decade

Sun blocked: ‘UK struggles to reach solar energy targets’

MPs have warned that the UK faces barriers to achieving its full solar potential due to a lack of affordable loans and inadequate battery storage

How will “Green Day” rock the UK’s energy sector?

The government is set to unveil additional measures next week aimed at bolstering energy security and fulfilling its net zero emissions pledge

Industry responds to net zero review

Associations and other industry experts have called on the government to accelerate key national policies on net zero

MPs urge government to set clear end date for new oil and gas

The Environmental Audit Committee has said the UK needs a national ‘war effort’ mobilisation to transition away from fossil fuels

MPs hit out at “culture of delay” putting UK environmental goals on hold

The Environmental Audit Committee has pointed out that several ‘green’ policies and initiatives have been delayed

Yorkshire Water launches hosepipe ban as English regions declare drought

The new hosepipe ban will come into force on 26th August

New inquiry into how the UK can cut fossil fuels and accelerate net zero transition

The Environmental Audit Committee announced the inquiry in response to the rise in fossil fuel prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and continued speculation on what will be included in the government’s Energy Security Strategy