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MPs address e-waste concerns

The Environmental Audit Committee prepares to address the mounting issue of electronic waste, with MPs investigating the sector's growth and challenges, including Amazon's absence from the proceedings

MPs are set to convene for a follow-up session on electronic waste, as concerns over the escalating volume of discarded electrical and electronic equipment continue to rise.

Despite invitations extended to various industry stakeholders, including Amazon, the online retail giant declined to appear before the Environmental Audit Committee, prompting Committee Chair Philip Dunne to raise questions about corporate responsibility in waste management.

MPs plan to examine the effectiveness of the government’s waste strategy, assess the progress towards a circular economy, and identify remaining gaps in tackling e-waste.

With electronic devices heavily reliant on raw materials that pose environmental risks during extraction and disposal, the discussion will focus on strategies to improve recycling rates and minimise the release of toxic substances harmful to both human and animal health.

An Amazon spokesperson told Energy Live News: “Amazon regularly takes part in UK Parliamentary hearings and we have previously given both oral and written evidence to this committee on the important topic of electronic waste.

“On this occasion, we are best able to answer the committee’s questions in writing. We provide opportunities for customers to repair products to extend their lives, offer a trade in scheme for electronic items to be refurbished and resold and we support the existing schemes for the recycling of electronic waste.

“We are engaging with the UK Government on future regulations to improve the effectiveness of e-waste recycling.”

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