Should MPs face jail for failing to enforce environmental rules?

Environmental Action Germany (DUH) brought forward legal action after Bavaria failed to implement clean air rulings to reduce pollution levels

Trump signs order rolling back environmental rules on infrastructure

US President Donald Trump has rolled back rules regarding environmental reviews and restrictions on government-funded infrastructure projects. He has signed an executive order, which would speed up the process to get permits for projects including energy production and generation such as fossil fuels, renewables, nuclear and hydro sources as well as electricity transmission and pipelines. […]

New EU tool to improve green behaviour

The EU has adopted a new tool to help Member States stick to environmental rules. The Environmental Implementation Review (EIR) aims to improve the implementation of EU standards on waste management, nature and biodiversity and air and water quality by finding the causes of problems and working out solutions before they become urgent. It says the full implementation of these legislations could save the EU economy €50 […]