Norway backs CCS with £7.3m funding

It will cover research into the transport of CO2, storage and up to two capture facilities

Aberdeen’s Xodus wins £1.3m North Sea contract

An Aberdeen-based energy consultancy firm has secured a £13 million contract to work on Premier Oil’s North Sea project. Xodus Group will conduct an underwater design study on the subsea architecture, pipelines, subsea control systems as well as provide technical safety and risk support. The Catcher field is said to be one of the larger […]

Feed in Tariff puts breaks on Marks and Spencer solar

The highly controversial review to the Feed in Tariff scheme has prevented Marks & Spencer from building a massive solar array on a 1.1 million square foot distribution centre. Speaking at an M&S event Richard Gillies, Director of Plan A, CSR and sustainability, said: “We went through all the work [for the solar array] only […]

UK’s first combined solar and wind park launches

Green energy supplier, Ecotricity, have completed the construction of the UK’s first major solar park which is the first project in the UK to capture the power of both the sun and the wind in one location. The 1MW solar park will generate enough electricity for 300 homes for the next 25 years. The PV […]