Gab Barbaro, Managing Director at British Gas Business, talks net zero

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ELF 2018: Large firms focusing more on creating sales than cutting energy costs

Around 38% of the large energy end users find it hard to convince their leadership team to invest in new technologies

ELF 2018: Reducing energy costs biggest challenge for 38% of large power users

The event attracted large energy users with more than £2bn of energy spend

What does the energy future hold?

Future trends in the energy industry will be one of the topics explored at Energy Live Expo on 2nd November in London. ELN will be talking to Gab Barbaro, Managing Director of British Gas Business about what the future holds and look back at the issued raised at the Energy Live Future conference in Leicester […]

Debating the energy future

  Robert Llewellyn, Gab Barbaro and ELN Editor Sumit Bose debate the issues of the future at the Energy Live Future event. Join them for a light hearted look at the way energy storage, generation and transportation is set to radically change our everyday lives.

Energy Live Future: Innovating to disrupt the energy market

Our Energy Live Future conference is now only four days away! Join us and more than 200 energy end users at the National Space Centre in Leicester on the 7th of June to learn more about how energy will be generated, traded and delivered in the future. The day’s third session, at 12:30, will showcase the most […]

The future of energy with Gab Barbaro

The energy sector is changing and the market is seeing massive innovation. That’s according to Gab Barbaro, Managing Director at British Gas Business, headline sponsor of the brand new Energy Live Future event on the 7th of June. He said: “We’re seeing new appliances that have better energy usage. We’ve got the Internet of Things where we’ve got billions […]

BGB boss urges firms to take control of energy use

  The UK leaving the EU brings opportunities for businesses and is a call to action to take control of their energy use. That’s the view of Gab Barbaro, MD of British Gas Business (BGB), who believes Brexit is short term “just as the financial market in 2009 was a short term incident”. Speaking to […]

Why the Big Six don’t fear small challengers…

Smaller firms entering the energy market need not be feared, as their presence can actually create more opportunities for everyone. That’s the view of British Gas Business Managing Director Gab Barbaro, who told ELN that new players can help the ‘Big Six’ innovate. He said: “Smaller businesses coming in is great. It’s great because its easier and […]

Talking Energy with Gab Barbaro

Sumit Bose speaks to Gab Barbaro, Managing Director, British Gas Business about everything from Brexit to energy efficiency and what energy supply means today.